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Quality Assurance

All our motorbikes for rent in Rawai Phuket undergo multi point checks before being offered for rental.

Our quality assurance regime includes the following:

  • Clean wash and wax
  • Function test front lights low and high beam
  • Function test rear lights tail light and brake lights
  • Function test indicators
  • Function test the horn
  • Function test parking brake
  • Check front brake pad thickness
  • Check rear brake shoe wear indicator and adjust if required
  • Check brake fluid level and condition
  • Check brake disc condition
  • Check engine oil level
  • Check front fork seals
  • Check wheel condition and wheel bearing free play
  • Check shock absorber rebound performance
  • Check side stand kill switch
  • Check center stand operation
  • Function test seat latch and lubricate
  • Check gasoline is full
  • Check bodywork and panels
  • Check coolant level and replenish where applicable
  • Check kick starter operation
  • Check electric start operation
  • Check air filter element
  • Check tyre condition and pressures
  • Check tax expiry
  • Check km reading if an oil change or service is due.